26 December 2010

Holland is covered with a thick pack of snow.

We took the camera with us on one of our snowwalks with the dogs!

Click HERE to see all the pictures!


12 December 2010

We went to the International Dogshow in Wijchen with Kinaya.

It is such a pleasure to show her. She is so easy, happy and relaxed in the ring.

Kinaya good a Very Good from the judge. She had a very nice rapport but due to her age and her "puppylook" she got a Very Good.

We are very proud of our little energy bomb! :-)


4 December 2010

Snow-white... :-)


30 November 2010

In case you are wondering how Shanga is doing...

Take a look at the pictures and see for yourself! :-)


28 November 2010

Today we took Kinaya to the Winner show in Amsterdam.

With the age of 9 months and 1 day :-) it was her first time in the Youth Class where she was the youngest participant.

She did a super job! There were 12 bitches entered, 6 of them got a Very Good but Kinaya was allowed to stay in the ring.

She was the last one to leave the ring before placement so we are very proud.

In a very strong and big Youthclass she got her first Excellent and made it to the final 5.

Her brother Xavi did a great job in the Youthclass males. Out of 7 entries he got the 3rd place with a Very Good.


24 November 2010

At the 31st of October we had the reunion of our latest litter.

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Reunion Litter 2010


24 November 2010

Today we got the pathological results back from Shanga's tumour.

Unfortunately the tumour was malignant.

But the good news is that the tumour was fully removed, the cutting surfaces where clean and

there were no disseminations found by ultrasound or CT-scan so we have good hope for the future!!!

Shanga herself is doing great! She recovers super from her surgery!

The wound looks very good and she is very, very fit!

The last 3 days when we took the other dogs for their daily big walk she was also standing at the front door to come along.

We decided it is still a bit to early for her :-) but this weekend we will take her with us for the first time.

We are so extremely happy that Shanga is doing so well!


15 November 2010

We are very happy and proud to announce a new girlfriend for Moreno! :-)

Click at the button below for more information:

Ch. Big Chocolate z Lodice


14 November 2010

Shanga is doing very well considering the circumstances!

Yesterday she was still very weak but today she is feeling better and stronger.

Ofcourse she still is on heavy painmedication and she sleeps a lot.

Eating and drinking are going great and we take her for a small walk 4 times a day.

The wound is healing super, no infections or swellings and it looks very quiet.

It will take a lot of time for Shanga to recover but with good food, lots of sleep and lots of TLC she will manage! :-)


12 November 2010

Shanga is home!!!

We are soooooooooooooooo extremely happy!

Shanga had a quiet night at the IC in Utrecht. She was on coronary care the whole night. Her heartbeat and bloodpressure stayed stable.

This morning they took her for a walk and she eat something.

After that she was looking so bored at the IC that they decided to call us to take her home. :-)

She was so happy to see us and that was totally mutual.

And now she has to recover from the surgery. She has a lot of painmedication for at least 5 days.

We have to keep her quiet for 2 weeks and in 6 weeks we have to go back to Utrecht for a check-up.

We are so proud of her... 3 narcosis and 2 heavy operations in 6 months time and she beat it all! She is such a tough lady! 

We love her so much and we are so happy that she is home safely!!!


11 November 2010

We can't believe how lucky we are...

Shanga survived the surgery!!!

The surgery went very well... there where no complications and the surgeon was able to remove the whole tumour.

She didn't find any "strange" things inside. It was a big tumour and it was connected to a lot of small bloodvessels.

She operated for 3,5 hours, all that time we sat in the waiting room... waiting for news about our sweet princess.

We were so happy when the surgeon came to tell us that the surgery succeeded.

Shanga is now in Utrecht at the Intensive Care. We miss her very much but the next 24 hours are still critical so she needs medical attention.

We keep our fingers crossed for a little while longer but we won the first battle!


10 November 2010

Today was a very difficult day...

We woke up with the thought that this could be Shanga's last day with us...

That thought caused a lot of tears... :-(

After we dryed our tears we went to visit Jolan Hellebrekers-Huizenga, Shanga's breeder...

We had a very nice walk with all the doggies (Jolan's and ours). Shanga was happy and running and playing with the pack.

After that we went to Anne who took some wonderful pictures of us in the beautiful autumn sun.

We want to thank everybody for your support today and Jolan & Anne in particular for making this day so special.

Shanga has to be in Utrecht at 08.00 am tomorrow where she will be operated on in the morning.

Please keep your fingers crossed, we need it very much!



Tomorrow, we are gonna light a candle for our little princess!


8 November 2010

Shanga had her CT-scan today and everything went very well.

The last 3 days she got medication to keep her bloodpressure low and it worked. Shanga's heartbeat and bloodpressure stayed stable during the anaesthetics.

The CT-scan showed no problems. They scanned her head, her thorax and her belly.

The hypophysis was normal and they found NO disseminations in her longs, liver or anywhere else.

The tumour is 2 by 3 cm big but is not grown together with any big bloodvessels so that looks promising for the surgery.

The surgery and the first 24 hours after surgery are still a very big risk so we have to keep our fingers crossed.

Thursday morning, 08.00 am, we are gonna bring Shanga to Utrecht.

We will stay there during the surgery (which will take approximately 3 hours) and we will wait there to see if the surgery succeeded and Shanga survived.

If she does, she has to stay at the Intensive Care in Utrecht for a while and we hope to bring her home Friday or Saturday.


5 November 2010

If we don't see anything disturbing at the CT-scan this monday (for example disseminations), Shanga will go into surgery next week Thursday, the 11th of November.

Please keep your fingers crossed!!!


4 November 2010

The results of Shanga's tests came back from Switzerland and unfortunately they confirmed that Shanga has a Phaeochromocytoom on one of her adrenal glands.

The tumour is active so speed action is required.

Next monday they will make a CT-scan to exactly locate the tumour to be as good as possible prepared for the surgery when then are going to try to remove the tumour.

Tomorrow we will hear the exact date but probably she will go into surgery next week Thursday or Friday!

If the surgery succeeds the prognosis are good but the chance of Shanga surviving the surgery are very small.

Because of the composition of the tumour there is a very big chance he "explodes" during surgery.

Than so much adrenalin will come free that Shanga's heart will stop immediately.

The doctors will not be able to help her anymore if that happens.

But if we do not operate she will die anyway in a couple of weeks/months so it is worth the try.

She proved before to be very strong so hopefully luck will be on our side next week.

I am very thankfull to all the doctors in Utrecht for not making it nicer than it is.

Now we are aware of the risks, we can be realistic and enjoy every minute of her the upcoming week.

We are very sad but try to stay strong for Shanga because she really needs us now!


23 October 2010

The little Ravengo's did an excellent job again. This time at the International Dogshow in Utrecht!

Kinaya won the Puppyclass bitches with a Very Promising and became BOS Puppy and

Xavi won the Puppyclass males with a Very Promising and became BOB Puppy!

We are so proud of our little Kinaya but also ofcourse of Iris & Xavi!

In the puppygroup Xavi made it to 8th Best Puppy in Show (26 entries!)



20 October 2010

Today our fifth litter celebrates their second birthday!

Dear Lubaya, Pukeena, Pumba, Maliki, Jukati, Juno, Faraji, Dayo, Rasmus & Tjabo



17 October 2010

Today our first litter celebrates their seventh birthday!

Dear Drago, Noah, Yuma, Binti, Shamba, Siyanda and

in loving memory Kabisha



15 October 2010

We are so proud of Moreno's offspring Outback-workaholic's Grafton Turbo Boost, "Turbo"!!!

At the International Bundessieger in Dortmund Turbo did an excellent job by becoming 1 Excellent in the Youthclass.

That gave him the title of Bundes Youth Winner and this also was his last point for the German Youth Championchip!

So now he is a Champion!!!

We are so happy and so extremely proud!

Congratulations Roger & Beate!!!

Outback-workaholic's Grafton Turbo Boost BJS '10, DJCh. VDH, "Turbo"


14 October 2010

We are still waiting for all testresults of Shanga to come back.

Today we received the results of the Cushing-test and Shanga has no Cushing.

Now we have to wait for the results of the urine-test in Switzerland.

An already scheduled CT-scan for next monday is cancelled for now, now we know for sure that she doesn't have Cushing.

We don't want to take any unnecessary riks with anaesthetics in Shanga's current condition untill we are completely sure which type of cancer she has.

Further steps will be decided after we get the results back from Switzerland.

I checked her heartbeat regularly at home for several times a day and all times her heartbeat here at home is normal.

Because of that and that fact that Shanga is feeling well, we started with taking her with us for the walks with the other dogs again. (ofcourse in consultation with her vet)

She enjoys walking and playing with them and it takes our minds a little bit of the worries we have.


30 September - 4 October 2010

The last 5 days I made a very nice trip to Croatia & Slovenia together with my friend Marjon Eshuis-Franke.

Marjon is a Rhodesian Ridgeback judge and she was invited to judge the Clubshow of the Croatian Ridgeback Club.

I went with her to write her showrapports and ofcourse to keep her company.

We had a lovely time and I really would like to thank Tomislav & Ina, Damir and Ivor for all your hospitality and help.

And Petra, also thanks to you for your company and the great laughs we had... ;-)

Click HERE to see a very nice photo-impression of our trip!!!


29 September 2010

A long morning in Utrecht this morning at the University Clinic with Shanga.

Do we have good news? No, not really... Do we have bad news? No, not really... It is a little bit in between.

The first thing the vets noticed was Shanga's very high heartbeat. Because of that they started with a test to see what her blood pressure was and they made

a movie of her heart. Her blood pressure and cardiac rate were both much to high.

All symptoms say that Shanga has a Phaeochromocytoom, a tumour that produces a lot of Adrenalin at stressfull situations and causes her blood pressure to be to high.

The good news is that these kinds of tumours are mostly good natured, but the bad news is that, if not treated, Shanga will die of a heart-attack in a couple of months

because her heart can't take the high blood pressure for much longer.

To make sure that we are dealing with this tumour her urine is sent to Switzerland for further research. We expect the results in two weeks.

If it is this tumour than we have to make a hard decision. These kinds of tumours are not easy to operate, not even in Utrecht.

The chance of touching the tumour in a bad way during surgery is very high and in that case there will come a boost of Adrenaline free in her body and she will die immediately.

But maybe, very maybe, there will be a chance that we caught the tumour in an early stage and we do not have to operate but we can help Shanga with medication

to keep her blood pressure artificial low. In that case we hope that she can stay with us for a couple of years longer.

In the time we are waiting for the results from Switzerland Shanga is keeping a low profile to keep her blood pressure and cardiac rate as low as possible and

we protect her from to much stress. And now we cross our fingers and wait...


27 September 2010

We went with Shanga for the ultrasound of her heart.

Her heart looked ok. It showed some erosion of her two cardiac valves which caused the problems with her heart but all is related to her age and nothing to worry about.

So that was the good news...

But the vet didn't trust her symptoms (losing weight (while eating two times more as normal), the change of her coat, being short of breath sometimes and losing condition)

so she decided to also made an ultrasound of her belly. And than the bad news came...

The found another tumour in Shanga's belly. Shanga has cancer. :-(

The tumour is on one of her adrenal glands and for the looks of it it is malignant natured. So Shanga is suspected of Cushing Disease.

On the ultrasound the vet didn't see any disseminations yet so we hope that we caught the cancer in an early stage.

Shanga will be operated on to see if the cancer has spread and if not so, than to remove the tumour and her adrenal gland.

We are glad to know what is wrong with Shanga so that we can do anything in our power to help her but we are so sad that the cancer hit her again.

We go to the University Clinic in Utrecht tomorrow morning for the first pre-operative tests.


 22 September 2010

Today we took Shanga to the vet for the control appointment of her heart.

Unfortunately it still isn't good... so the hope that it came with her surgery, the end of May, is now gone.

The vet gave us a referral for a specialist who can make an ultrasound of her heart to see where the problem is and what the prognosis is.

We can go there next week monday and we will get the results immediately.

Luckely, becauce the insecurity of not knowing what is wrong with our little princess is killing us... :-(


15 September 2010

We are very happy with the official X-ray results of our offspring

Shayela Lugono Ngwani Ravira, "Maliki":

HD A, ED Free, OCD Free

Congratulations Micha & Wendy!


12 September 2010

Today we took Kinaya to the Puppyshow of KV Waalwijk.

At this show 100 puppies of all breeds were entered.

Ofcourse there is a bit competition but the most important goal is to socialise the puppies and getting them used to the showring.

All puppies are divided in groups of 6 puppies who are all 6 being judged by 2 judges.

Then the best 4 puppies make it to the next round, for number 5 en 6 the show ends.

Kinaya made it to the 5th round!!! (7 rounds in total)

She did an excellent job! She shows herself so easy, it is a pleasure being in the ring with her.

Today Kinaya was judged by 6 different judges and had to do her "showthing" for 10 times!

It was a great experience for her being judged by so many hands and seeing so many other breeds in the ring.

We had a wonderful day!


10 September 2010


* 08-09-1996 † 10-09-2010

God looked around his garden
and found an empty space
He then looked down upon the earth
And saw your tired face

He put His arms around you
And lifted you to rest
God's garden must be beautiful
He only takes the best

It broke our hearts to lose you
But you didn't go alone
For part of us went with you
The day God called you home

We are gonna miss you so much...!!!



4 September 2010

On the Clubshow in Holland the Shayela's rocked the ring!

The little Ravengo's did an excellent job!

Kinaya won the Puppyclass bitches (5 entries) with a Very Promising and became BOS Puppy and

Xavi won the Puppyclass males (4 entries) with a Very Promising and became BOB Puppy!

Amon was at the 3rd place with a Very Promising and Cheka gained the 4th place with a Very Promising.

Shayela Shamwari (Shira from our 2006 litter) won the 4th place with an Excellent in a very big and strong Open Class bitches!

Well done everybody!

Shayela Kitambi Ngwani Ravira, "Kinaya" (L) & Shayela Kimoni Ngwani Ravira, "Xavi" (R), BOS & BOB Puppy Clubshow 2010 Dutch Rhodesian Ridgeback Club


28 August 2010

Today on the International Dogshow in Rotterdam Kinaya made her showdébut in the puppyclass, 6 months and 1 day old... :-)

She won her class with a Very Promising, became Best Puppy of the Breed and in the ring of honour she became 4th Best Puppy in Show (38 entries!)!!!

We are so proud of our little girl!!!


19 August 2010

A couple of weeks ago we went coursing with Moreno & Kinaya.

We tried it before with Shanga & Ravira but they both had no interest in the lure. :-)

But, as expected, Moreno & Kinaya did an excellent job!

Kinaya made a "puppyround" and is a real talent!

We can't wait for her to grow up and to do the big round!

Click at the links below to see the pictures:

Pictures Kinaya

Moreno at work


13 August 2010

Shanga recovered well from her severe surgery the first couple of months.

The last weeks she started to lose weight and her coat changed. She is getting a bit fluffy, very soft and has many grey hairs all over her body.

With the walks we caught her squeaking while she took a breath when she was tired a couple of times.

We took her to vet today with this and to our great shock she discovered problems with her heart.

They immediately took a bloodtest and made pictures of her chest.

Her heart looked normal at the pictures and her longs also looked good and clean.

The results of the bloodtest were also good. Some values were a bit low but that is because her body is still recovering from the tumour, the shock and the surgery.

Now we have to keep a close eye on her to see if the problems with breathing are getting worse the next couple of weeks.

In three and six weeks we go back to vet to check her heart. There is a possibility that her heart shows temporary problems because her body is still recovering.

If that is the case than her heart must sound better in 3 and 6 weeks. If not, we are going to a heartspecialist for an ultrasound of her heart.

We are very worried about our little princess and keep our fingers crossed that there is nothing seriously wrong with her.


6 August 2010

Today, our 4rd litter celebrates their third birthday!

Dear Giya, Isa, Luna, Nuba, Tadgh, Biko, Murphy, Kibo & Duke


In loving memory, Kenai


17 july 2010

We took our doggies to photographer Bonnie van den Born.

She made beautiful  pictures of our loved ones.

Click at the links below to view the pictures:

Pictures Shanga

Pictures Ravira

Pictures Kinaya

Pictures Moreno


15 july 2010

We had a super day today!

Today Moreno worked with sheeps for the first time!

Although he never saw a sheep from closeby he knew what to do!

We are very proud of him!

Here are some video's of today and to see the pictures click at the link below:

Moreno at work



And a very special moment, we saw Moreno's sister Amidala again who lives in Austria!


27 june 2010

Today Kinaya had her showdebut!

At the dogshow in Nijmegen she did an excellent job for the first time!

With her 17 weeks of age she won the babyclass bitches with a Very Promising, won Best Baby of the Breed (4 entries) and became 3rd Best Baby in Show! (12 entries)

Shayela Kitambi Ngwani Ravira, "Kinaya"

1 Very Promising, Best Baby, 3rd Best Baby in Show

Her brother Xavi also did a super job and won 2 Very Promising with the males!

We are very proud of the showdebut of these two little Ravengo's! ;-)


16 june 2010

We congratulate Moreno's offspring:

Jack, Turbo, Mika, Clooney, Zora, Finja & Fire

to their first Birthday!!!


14 june 2010

On the international dogshow in Thüringen (Germany) Moreno's son Turbo did an excellent job for his first show!

We won the youthclass with 1 Excellent, Youth CAC, became BOB and gained the titel of

"Landesjugendsieger Thüringen"

We are very proud!

Beate & Turbo, Congratulations!!!


7 june 2010

Today we had an appointment at the vet for a check-up with Shanga after her speed-surgery 10 days ago.

We both were impressed by the remarkable recovery she made.

The wound also looks perfect so she is as good as new!!!


3 june 2010


The results of Shanga's tumour came back today and it was GOOD-NATURED!!!

We really can't believe it and are SOOOOOO EXTREMELY HAPPY!!!


31 may 2010

Shanga's recovering is going very well.

She eats and drinks super and we take her for a little walk 3 times a day.

She sleeps a lot but when she is awake she is fit and alert.

We keep our fingers crossed for the results of the tumour which is in Utrecht at the moment for pathologic research.


29 may 2010

Yesterday our worst nightmare almost became reality.

We were enjoying a great holiday in Germany when Shanga got sick in the night from thursday on friday.

Shanga is never sick so our alarmbells clang immediately. We rushed her to the vet in Germany the same night who expected that Shanga had eaten something wrong

and sent us back to our hotel. The hours after that Shanga got worse and I called my own vet in Holland.

After I described her situation he concluded that Shanga was in shock and in need of medical attention as soon as possible.

Going back to the vet in Germany was no option for us so we threw all our stuff in the car and within 5 minutes we were on our way back to Holland to see our own vet.

We drove very fast but in the car Shanga got worse again so we decided to stop at the veterinary clinic of Maarten Kappen in Eersel.

We phoned them already so when we arrived there was a team of vets already waiting for us.

They concluded that Shanga was in severe shock and in critial condition and put her on a drip immediately and examined her.

They made an ultrasound of her belly and saw a big tumour in her milt which had exploded. Her whole belly was filled with blood.

The floor sank away under my feet and I fainted in the examineroom.

After I woke up the vet told me that without surgery Shanga would die within half an hour. Surgery with her age was also a big risk and her heartbeat was 280 (!) at that moment

but if we did not operate she would die anyway so it was worth the try. And then I had 30 seconds to say goodbye to her before they rushed her into the operating room.

The waiting started... after 20 minutes the vet came to tell us that Shanga was doing fine!

They had stopped the bleeding and removed her milt and the tumour. Half an hour after the surgery Shanga was already breathing on her own.

The first 24 hours would be critic because of the heavy surgery and Shanga had to stay overnight in the clinic.

We sat with her for 7 hours and saw her getting better. At 8 o'clock last night we had to leave her in the clinic.

A terrible moment but better for Shanga. We booked a hotel a couple of doors further in the street because I did not want to go home.

The vet on duty would go to the clinic every 2 hours during the evening and night to check on her and promised us to call us when she would be very restless or

when something went wrong with her. We did not hear anything all night and went back to the clinic this morning.

And there she was... with her big brown eyes already waiting for us. The happiest moment of my life!

We took her for a walk and she did everything she had to do and also took some food. At that moment the vet gave us green light to take her home with us.

They told us we were just on time. If we had decided to drive to our own vet it would be to late and Shanga would have died in the car.

We are so extremely happy we made all the right decisions yesterday and we realise that we a very lucky that she is still with us.

Her perfect physical condition pulled her through the surgery. Now she has to rest and recover for 10 days.


The tumour is sent to the university clinic of Utrecht for pathologic research. We expect the results in one week.

Unfortunately the prognosis are not so good. The vet expects it to be a very agressive form of cancer (hemangiosarcoom).

If that's the case, all the bad cells of the tumour spread in Shanga's belly

when the tumour exploded and there for they expect her to be with us for maximal 6 months.

Not good news but every month is one month and everything is better as having to say goodbye to her yesterday when everything went so fast.

And we still keep hope that Shanga will surprise us even more. Surving the shock, surving the surgery... maybe she will survive the cancer and stay with us for many

more years. We really hope so because she cannot be missed already!!!


We want to thank our close friends for taking care of our other dogs yesterday and the next couple of days so that Shanga can recover at home alone.

We also want to thank the team of the veterinary clinic in Eersel for their effective and fast way of dealing with Shanga's condition and for taking such good care of her.

And ofcourse we want to thank everybody for their support and all the text-messages, e-mails, phonecalls etc. on one of the worst days of our lives.

And thank you Shanga for being such a fighter and having such a strong will to stay with us!!!

We love you sweet girl!


23 april 2010


Our Kelpie-boy Moreno celebrates his 3rd birthday today!!!

Happy Birthday sweet Moreno!!!

You are the best!!!


15 april 2010

We are extremely happy and proud to introduce you to

Shayela Kitambi Ngwani Ravira, "Kinaya", aka Miss Orange!

Picture by Bonnie van den Born ©

Kinaya means complete and Kitambi means proud.

After a lot of tears over Lubaya, our family is complete again and we are very proud of our newest member of the pack!

Welcome sweet girl!!!


29 march 2010

On the International Dogshow in Luxemburg Moreno's offspring

Outback-workaholic`s Grafton Firefox (Fire) won 1 Excellent in the Youthclass and gained the title of Luxemburg Youth Champion!!!

We are very proud of Moreno's daughter (and ofcourse her mother Flash who became Luxemburg Champion)!

Congratulations Steffie!

Fire (left) and her mother Flash


17 march 2010

Today, our 3rd litter celebrates their fourth birthday!

Dear Devi, Kijani, Nash, Kobus, Thako, Shira, Jengo, Scott

& ofcourse our dear mommy RAVIRA



11 march 2010

While Ravira is taking care of her children, granny Shanga is having THE TIME OF HER LIFE

playing and running with friends and family!

9 years old but still as fit, playfull and crazy as a young dog!

Click HERE to see the latest pictures of our crazy granny!


27 february 2010

The puppies are born!

Ravira gave birth to 12 healthy puppies! 9 females and 3 males! :-)

Ravira and her puppies are doing great!!!

Click at the camera to view the webcam!

Click on the button below for more information:

Diary Litter 2010


23 february 2010

Happy 9th Birthday, our sweet and beautiful princess!!!


FINALLY, after 6 (!) months of waiting we received Moreno's Dutch Champion Title on paper!!!


22 january 2010

I couldn't keep my curiosity under control anymore... :-)

This morning we went to the vet to make an ultrasound and...


The vet could see at least 9 puppies in her belly!

We are so happy and keeping our fingers crossed for a healthy and beautiful litter with hopefully a little girl for ourself!


20 january 2010

Today it was time for Moreno's yearly eyetest.

And again his eyes are declared FREE OF ALL INHERITABLE DISEASES by a veterinarian specialist.

We are very happy with this result!!!


16 january 2010

Our second litter celebrates their fifth birthday!

Dear Diyaro, Chibharo, D'Yjego, Dhakiya, Tika, Bongani Jr.,

Kathan, Kumbah, Kinga & Shango,