24 December 2011


21 November 2011

Today we were hit by the very, very sad news that, on his tenth birthday, Bongani, father and grandfather of three of our litters, passed away.

Our thoughts go out to Michael & Verena, his owners...

Sweet Bongani, have a save trip over the Rainbow Bridge.

Thank you for everything you gave to us, to Shanga and the owners of our puppies.

You are in our hearts forever!!!

Multi Ch. Karoskloof TT Simply Red "Bongani"

* 21-11-2001   21-11-2011

Collage by Elly Veldman


27 November 2011

We had a lovely day at the Winner in Amsterdam!

Kinaya gained a 4th place with an Excellent in a big and very strong Intermediate Class (14 entries)!


30 October 2011

Kinaya did a good job today at the International Dogshow in Leuven (B).

She gained the 3rd place with an Excellent in the Intermediate Class (10 entries)!


20 October 2011

Today our fifth litter celebrates their third birthday!

Dear Lubaya, Pukeena, Pumba, Maliki, Jukati, Juno, Faraji, Dayo, Rasmus & Tjabo



17 October 2011

Today our first litter celebrates their eight birthday!

Dear Drago, Noah, Yuma, Shamba & Siyanda


In loving memory *Kabisha* & *Binti*


12 October 2011

And again we are very happy with the X-ray results of our offspring:

Shayela Kabili Ngwani Ravira "Amon" HD A / ED FREE / OCD FREE


28 September 2011

Lots of news today! :-)

We proudly announce the sire & dame of our next planned litter:


We are extremely happy with the X-ray results of our offspring:

Shayela Kinuka Ngwani Ravira "Kiya" HD A / ED FREE / OCD FREE

Shayela Kimoni Ngwani Ravira "Xavi" HD A / ED FREE / OCD FREE

and our own princess

Shayela Kitambi Ngwani Ravira "Kinaya" HD A / ED FREE / OCD FREE


We proudly announce the planned litter of:

our offspring Shayela Kinuka Ngwani Ravira "Kiya"


Ch. Malozi Jamboni "Kani"

Click at the button below for more information:

Litter(s)(plans) Offspring


3 September 2011

We had three wonderful days of showing!

For Kinaya no big results this time, she gained an Excellent once and twice a Very Good.

She wasn't showing herself like she usually does and sunday we found the first drop of blood so Kinaya is in season.

Which explains her behavior at the shows. :-)

But despite of that we had some lovely days together with Iris, Marcel & Iva and we are very proud of the results of Kinaya's siblings.

Shayela Kimoni Ngwani Ravira, "Xavi" won a very big and strong Intermediate Class with an Excellent at the Euro Dog Show and

Shayela Kinuka Ngwani Ravira, "Kiya" won 1 Excellent, res. CAC at the National Dog Show!

We are very proud of them and thank you for the great time we had together!!!




21 August 2011

The Ravirengo's did an "Excellent" job today at the International Dogshow in Mechelen (B)!!!

Intermediate Class Dogs:

Shayela Kabili Ngwani Ravira, "Amon" 4 Excellent

Shayela Kimoni Ngwani Ravira, "Xavi" 3 Excellent

Youth Class Bitches:

Shayela Kinuka Ngwani Ravira, "Kiya" 2 Excellent

Intermediate Class Bitches:

Shayela Kitambi Ngwani Ravira, "Kinaya" 1 Excellent, res. CAC, res. CACIB


7 August 2011

Today we went to the Rhodesian Ridgeback coursing.

Shanga & Ravira are not interested in coursing and Kinaya is not allowed to course so I took Bink with me.

He was really fanatic! He ran the whole 2 rounds and he was wild about the "rabbit".

Ofcourse he can't compete for time with the long legged Ridgebacks but he won another price!

The price of funniest dog of the day because he made a lot of people smile while he was running  over the course! :-)

A little movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6azxZ_U7e9s&feature=related and some pictures!


6 August 2011

Today, our 4rd litter celebrates their fourth birthday!

Dear Giya, Isa, Luna, Nuba, Tadgh, Biko, Murphy, Kibo & Duke


In loving memory, Kenai


11 July 2011

We were at a show weekend in France.

On saturday Moreno entered the World Dog Show!

He did an excellent job! He won the Open Class, the CACS and the res. CACIB.

The best male already is International Champion so Moreno get's the full CACIB!

We are very proud of our Vice World Winner! :-)

Ch. Knowing My Job Dinky-Di-Dutch, "Moreno"

1 Excellent, CACS, res. CACIB, res. CACIB confirmed to full CACIB

On sunday Kinaya entered the World Dog Show but unfortunately it was no succes for Kinaya. :-(

There were a lot of lids in the bottom of the floor and Kinaya was afraid of them.

She did not move and because of that she got a Very Good.

But on monday we were on the French Clubshow with Kinaya!

She showed again as I know her. She was the youngest bitch in a big and strong Intermediate Class and gained an Excellent!

We are very proud of her!

We had a wonderful stay in Paris and enjoyed the shows. Thank you all for a fantastic time!


26 June 2011

It is official now!

Shayela Kitambi Ngwani Ravira NJK, "Kinaya": Dutch Youth Champion :-))


19 June 2011

At our dress-rehearsal for Paris Kinaya did a very good job!

On the Clubshow of KC the Kempen Kinaya won 1 Excellent in Youthclass and became Best Bitch/BOS!!!

Shayela Kitambi Ngwani Ravira NJK, "Kinaya"

1 Excellent, BOS

Together with the BOB (Ridgevalley Farouk African Jewel) & Judge (Mr. J.P. Achtergael)


16 June 2011

We congratulate Moreno's offspring:

Jack, Turbo, Mika, Clooney, Zora, Finja & Fire

to their second Birthday!!!


12 June 2011

At the International Dogshow in Arnhem today Kinaya won a very big and strong youth class females (11 entries).

With this result she won her last Youth CAC and she now is DUTCH YOUTH CHAMPION!

We are so proud and happy!

After that she also made it to Best Bitch and BOS!!!

She is only 15 months old but she already has 3 full CAC's for the Dutch Championship. Now we have to wait 12 months to try and collect the last and finishing one.

And ofcourse we are also very proud of Kinaya's brother Xavi who won 2 Excellent in youth class males! (5 entries)

Shayela Kitambi Ngwani Ravira NJK, "Kinaya"

1 Excellent, JCAC, CAC, BOS


28 May 2011

At the International Dogshow in Oss Kinaya gained a Very Good today. :-)

It was a big youth class females (13 entries). Kinaya had a nice showrapport but she wasn't the judges type.

Better luck next time!!!


27 May 2011

It is so unfair... :-(

Goodbye sweet Binti, save trip over the Rainbow Bridge...

Dear Fen, Ilja & Mare, we are so sorry for your loss... :-(

Shayela Makena Binti, "Binti"

* 17-10-2003   27-05-2011


20 May 2011

We are completely devastated by the news that one of our offspring, Shayela Makena Binti, "Binti" is diagnosed with a big brain tumour.

Binti is the yellow puppy from our first litter in 2003.

From that litter we already lost Kabisha much to young and now we are gonna lose Binti too, also much to soon... :-(

All our thougths go to Fen, Ilja & Mare, her owners, and we wish them all the strength to deal with this terrible news.

We will go and visit Binti tomorrow because we do not know how much time she has left.

We hope and pray that Binti's condition will stay acceptable for a couple of more weeks so that she and her family can say a proper goodbye to eachother.

We are sooooooo sorry... sweet Binti... :-(


20 May 2011

FINALLY I had time to update the website with new pictures of our girls.

Click on the links below for the pictures:






15 May 2011

Kinaya won 3 Excellent in Youth Class Females today at the International Dogshow in Goes!

There were 13 entries so we are very proud!

We were close to the Dutch Youth Championship (we only need one more point)

but not close enough so looking forward to the next show!!! (in two weeks)


25 April 2011

The Ravirengo's at the International Dogshow in Leeuwarden today:

Xavi won 2 Excellent in Youth Class males (7 entries),

Kinaya won 1 Excellent in Youth Class females (9 entries) which gave her her second point for the Dutch Youth Championship

(only one to go now!) and after that she made it to Best Bitch!

We are so proud of them!!!

Shayela Kitambi Ngwani Ravira, "Kinaya"

1 Excellent, JCAC, CAC, BOS

Together with her brother Xavi


16 April 2011

Today was the yearly Offspring Day of the Dutch Rhodesian Ridgeback Club.

We were present with our last litter of Ravira & Arengo.

Mommy Ravira was there and 10 of her puppies. Unfortunately daddy Arengo and two puppies could not be present.

We got very nice critics from the judge about our litter. We are very happy and satisfied with the way the little Ravirengo's grew up until now!

Click HERE to see all the pictures of this wonderful day!


Me and Kinaya in the ring! :-)


13 April 2011

Today the Blue Dilute testresults came in.

Ravira tested D/D which means that she is free but to our great astonishment Kinaya tested D/d which means she carries the Blue Dilute gene.

We really didn't expect that!

It is not a very big problem for us but it is just an extra "complication" in the already difficult search for a suitable male. :-)


All testresults (DM, Blue Dilute and MDR1) are added to Ravira, Kinaya and Moreno's own page here at our website.


30 March 2011

Today we got some testresults back!

Ravira and Kinaya both were tested for DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) and both testresults were NORMAL (which means FREE!)

Moreno was tested for MDR1, his testresult was also NORMAL (which means FREE!)

We are very happy with these results!!! :-)


29 March 2011

We made a video of Moreno training agility.

At the video he is working with Bianca (his breeder and trainer) because I had surgery on my back.

But this gave me the nice opportunity to film my own Roadrunner! :-) Enjoy!



23 March 2011

We are very happy with the HD-results of our offspring Shayela Kinuka Ngwani Ravira, "Nikiya",

just like her sister Kinaya she got HD A!

Congratulations Marcel & Iva! We are very happy!


17 March 2011

Today, our 3rd litter celebrates their fifth birthday!

Dear Devi, Kijani, Nash, Kobus, Thako, Shira, Jengo, Scott

& ofcourse our dear and precious RAVIRA



16 March 2011

YESSSS! Kinaya's official HD-results are in!


We are very happy! :-)


12 March 2011

Today we received this wonderful picture!

Outback-workaholic's Grafton Firefox, "Fire"... Moreno's daughter! She is soooooo great!


5 March 2011

Today Kinaya and me visited the International Dogshow in Groningen!

Kinaya got an Excellent but no placement.

It was a big and strong class with 13 youth bitches. We are very happy with Kinaya's Excellent!

Her brother Xavi and her sister Nikiya both gained a Very Good in the youth class males and bitches.

Kinaya's showreport: very nice head and expression, good bite, needs to develop in forechest, good topline, good bone, moves well,

good coat and ridge, very good temperament, Excellent!


3 March 2011

Bericht verwijderenKinaya's hips were officially X-rayed this morning. Everything looked perfect!

Ofcourse we have to wait for the official results from the Dutch Kennelclub but the vet thinks it will be A-hips for sure! Yippie!


28 February 2011

Sad news...

There will be no puppies from Shira & Spooner... :-(

Shira was in season two times but both times without an ovulation.

We checked her progesteron every two days but unfortunately it didn't rise.

We are very sad because, due to her age, this was the last chance for Shira to have puppies... :-(

Unfortunately Mother Nature decided otherwise...


27 February 2011

Our sixth litter celebrates their first birthday!!!

Dear Lotus, Amon, our own princess KINAYA, Kiboki, Themba, Kimani, Nikiya, Xavi, Becca, Moos, Noor and Cheka



23 February 2011



After the 9 hard months we had, we are so happy to celebrate Shanga's tenth birthday today!

Hope many more years in good health will come sweet princess!

Love you sooooooooooooo much!


Multi Champion Thokoza Bohati Shangara NVK "Shanga", *23-02-2001


11 February 2011

A very careful but happy cheer here at home!

Today we, finally, got the last results back from Shanga and it is good news!

Her urine was good, no odd hormones were found. So that means that the tumour she had didn't spread to her other adrenal gland!!!

We don't know yet what the specialist saw on her last ultrasound of her belly but she expects the adrenal gland being a bit bigger as normal because

he has to work a little bit harder due to the fact that her other adrenal gland is removed at the last surgery.

To be sure Shanga will have another ultrasound at the 21st of March. If the adrenal gland didn't grow any further or maybe even decreased that we can cheer for sure!

If the adrenal gland did get bigger than further tests will come but for now with this result and the fact that Shanga feels as fit as a young dog we have

no reason to believe that she is sick again! We are so happy and looking forward to celebrate her 10th birthday in a couple of days!!!

Almost 10 but feeling and playing like a young dog!!! :-)


5 February 2011

Today Kinaya and me visited the International Dogshow in Eindhoven!

Kinaya managed to win a big and strong youth class (10 entries) with an Excellent.

That also gave her her first point to the Dutch Youth Championship!

We are very happy and very proud!

Her brothers Xavi and Amon both gained a Very Good in a big and strong youth class males.

Kinaya's showreport: very nice youth bitch of 11 months old, very good size and substance, very nice female head with good proportions, intelligent expression,

very nice ear, good teeth, long neck, very good body proportions, a little bit steep in upperarm, good rear angulations,

very smooth and outgoing movement, very good temperament, 1 Excellent, JCAC


24 January 2011

We proudly introduce you to our newest pack member:

Beagle House Henco Kim, "Bink"

Click on the button below to view information about Bink and to see some lovely pictures of him!

Beagle House Henco Kim


18 January 2011

Today we took Moreno to the specialist for his yearly eyetest.

And again his eyes are declared FREE OF ALL INHERITABLE DISEASES by the veterinarian specialist Dr. Heijn.

We are very happy with this result!!!


16 January 2011

Our second litter celebrates their sixth birthday!

Dear Diyaro, Chibharo, D'Yjego, Dhakiya, Tika, Bongani Jr.,

Kathan, Kumbah, Kinga & Shango,



7 January 2011

Happy news for Peter & Heidi! Shira is in season!

We expect the mating with Spooner in about two weeks and hopefully they will have puppies at the end of March!

Click on the button below for more information about the upcoming puppies!



6 January 2011

Today all our hopes and dreams for 2011 went down the drain.

We are heartbroken by the latest news of our precious Shanga.

Last monday we went to the University Clinic in Utrecht with her for a control appointment after her surgery, 8 weeks ago.

We expected a quick visit because Shanga is doing so well!

Her heartbeat was super which proved that the tumour is gone. To be sure they made an ultrasound of her belly to check her belly for disseminations at her liver

and the adrenal gland on her right side. (last time the tumour was on the adrenal gland on her left side)

Her liver looked good but during the ultrasound they found a small thickening on her other adrenal gland.

Today we got the results back... the tumour she had on her left adrenal gland has spread in her belly to the right adrenal gland.

The cancer is back and this time we can't help her anymore. :-(

Her urine is sent to Switzerland again to check if the new tumour already is active. In 6-8 weeks we will make a new ultrasound of her belly

to see how fast the tumour is growing to see how much time she will have left.

We can't describe the feelings we feel at the moment... why Shanga again? We fought so hard to beat the cancer the first two times, everything succeeded,

why aren't we allowed to have some more time together, why all this bad luck again???

We love her so much and we don't want to loose her but this time it is out of our hands... :-(

We hope that she feels good for a little while longer before this new tumour will make her sick again.

If the time is there we have to make the most difficult decision of our lives but Shanga and her needs will always have our first priority, no matter how hard it will be for us!