30 December 2012

We are very happy to announce the pregnancy of our offspring Shayela Kinuka Ngwani Ravira "Kiya"!!!

Puppies at kennel Dharuba are expected around the 25th of January!


26 November 2012

In Memoriam

♥ Shayela Shambari, "Shamba" ♥

* 17-10-2003 26-11-2012

Safe trip to the Rainbow Bridge sweetheart... :-(


24 November 2012

Today our dear friends Joep & Nicole had to say goodbye to their Kari. Kari was Shanga's best friend, they grew up together. We are very sad about their loss.

Ch. Kamnene Askari, "Kari"

* 12-02-2001   † 24-11-2012

I am so happy that I knew you!

Thank you for almost 12 years of friendship… friendship with me but especially with your best friend Shanga…

We are gonna miss you soooooo much…

It will never be the same again without you… :-(

Save journey Kaatje… in our hearts forever… ♥


20 October 2012

Today our fifth litter celebrates their fourth birthday!

Dear Lubaya, Pukeena, Pumba, Maliki, Jukati, Juno, Dayo, Rasmus & Tjabo


In loving memory *Faraji*


17 October 2012

Today our first litter celebrates their ninth birthday!

Dear Drago, Noah, Yuma, Shamba & Siyanda


In loving memory *Kabisha* & *Binti*


8 & 9 September 2012

We had a lovely showweekend!

On Saturday Kinaya gained 2 Excellent in a very big and strong breedersclass at the Dutch Clubshow!

On Sunday she won 1 Excellent in Open Class at the CAC show in Alkmaar.

We are very proud of our sweet girl!


6 August 2012

Today, our 4rd litter celebrates their fifth birthday!

Dear Giya, Isa, Luna, Nuba, Tadgh, Biko, Murphy, Kibo & Duke




29 July 2012

We are very happy to announce the plans for our spring 2013 litter! ♥

Thank you Henk & Edith Salm (Paerdecroon Rhodesian Ridgebacks) for your trust in me and my breeding program!

Looking very much forward to spring 2013!!! :-)


27 July 2012

We decided to cancel our litterplans with Kennebec's Final Answer (Tino/Titikaka) & Kinaya.

New exciting plans will be announced soon!


26 July 2012

Last weekend I visited the puppies from Moreno & Chockie.

Had wonderful days with Chockie's owners, Chockie herself and her babies.

Happy to announce that all puppies found themselves new loving families, we wish them a happy, wonderful, long and healthy life!

On the links below you can see pictures and a video from the puppies! (6 weeks old)





10 July 2012

Super new pictures of the puppies!



2 July 2012

Some wonderful movies and pictures of the puppies from Moreno & Chockie!






30 June 2012

We are happy to announce the birth of the puppies of our offspring Shayela Kimoni Ngwani Ravira & Ch. Faahac Farenya JW ShCM.

12 puppies were born, 7 males (1 livernose) & 5 females (1 livernose), so far all puppies seem correct!

We are very happy and proud!


27 June 2012

Click at the link below to see pictures of the wonderful puppies of Moreno & Chockie!

(there are still some males available!)



16 June 2012

We congratulate Moreno's offspring:

Jack, Turbo, Mika, Clooney, Zora, Finja & Fire

to their third Birthday!!!


9 June 2012

On the 9th of June Moreno and Chockie's puppies were born!

Eight wonderful small Kelpies came in to the world, 5 boys & 3 girls!

Mother and babies are doing excellent! We are so happy and proud!

To see pictures of the puppies click on the link below:


Click on the button below for more information about this combination (there are 2 boys still available!):

Ch. Big Chocolate z Lodice


8 June 2012

Litters are plannend with two of our offspring!

Click at the button below for more information:

Litterplans Offspring


2 May 2012

HAPPY NEWS! Moreno & Chockie will be parents! The vet saw at least 8-10 puppies!!!

We are very happy and proud now that Chockie's pregnancy is confirmed!!!

Also congratulations to Chockie's owners!


23 April 2012

Today we celebrate Moreno's fifth birthday!!!

Happy Birthday sweet boy!!! Hope many more years in good health will come!


10 April 2012

On the 9th and 10th of April Moreno mated his girlfriend Chockie!

We had 3 perfect matings! We now keep our fingers crossed for happy, beautiful & healthy puppies!

Click on the button below for more information about this combination:

Ch. Big Chocolate z Lodice


27 March 2012

In loving memory of Shayela Lindani Ngwani Ravira, “Faraji”

* 20-10-2008 27-3-2012

We are devastated over the loss of our offspring from Ravira & Lex’s litter.

Our thoughts are with Elise and her family…

Thank you for everything you did for Faraji and the good care and love you gave to him, deep respect for the way you handled his illness!

Save trip over the Rainbow Bridge sweet boy… You will be missed sooooooo much… :-(


17 March 2012

Sweet Ravira, today we celebrate your sixth birthday!

Never ever before I had such a sweet, tender and loving dog. You are really one of a kind! Love you very much!!! 

Happy Birthday sweet lady!!! XXX 



Today, our 3rd litter celebrates their sixth birthday!

Dear Devi, Kijani, Nash, Kobus, Thako, Shira, Jengo, Scott

& ofcourse our dear and precious RAVIRA



27 February 2012

Sweet Kinaya... our whirlwind, our energybomb, our partyanimal, our crazy, crazy girl...

You brought so much joy and happiness into our family!

Happy Birthday lovely lady!!! XXX 



Our sixth litter celebrates their second birthday!!!

Dear Lotus, Amon, our own princess KINAYA, Kiboki, Themba, Kimani, Nikiya, Xavi, Becca, Moos, Noor and Cheka



23 February 2012 

Today we celebrated Shanga's 11th birthday!!!

We are so happy that she is feeling good enough to make a great party!!!



13 February 2012

It is confirmed, Shanga has an active bad natured tumour on her right adrenal gland... :-(

In consulation with her doctors we decided not to operate again.

We are now enjoying the time we still have with her and making life as easy and pleasant as possible for her!

With the knowledge of Shanga being sick, our dear friend Petra Nijholt, took some pictures of my princess and me.

Click HERE to see the pictures!!!


18 January 2012

Unfortunately we have some bad news about Shanga again.

Shanga is not feeling so well the last couple of weeks.

Because of her symptoms we took her to the University Clinic in Utrecht to do some tests.

Her heartbeat was again very high, her coat and fur were changing, she is losing endurance, had some strange agitation "attacks" and she had troubles keeping her food in.

A litte bit more as one year ago the diagnosis was a tumour on her left adrenal gland. The removed the adrenal gland and the tumour.

10 months ago they saw a smal "thing" on her right adrenal gland and an ultrasound last monday proved that she has the same tumour again...

This time on her right adrenal gland. The tumour has grown rapidly. Her urine is sent to Switzerland to check how active the tumour is now.

Very bad luck... again... we are so sad... :-((

Now we have to make a hard decision... do we keep her with us without surgery or do we plan a very high risk surgery again with the risk of losing her during surgery.

If we do not operate she will get a fatal heart attack (because of the high bloodpressure the tumour produces)

or disseminations in her liver and longs because unfortunately the tumour is malignant.

So for us lots of things to think about...

But with all decisions we make, Shanga's well-being will always be our first priority!!!

Shanga has medication now for her stomach and medication to keep her blood pressure and heartbeat low and we have to avoid to much stress for her.

We are now busy collecting as much information as we can to make a decision.


17 January 2012

Today we took Moreno to the specialist for his yearly eyetest.

And again his eyes are declared FREE OF ALL INHERITABLE DISEASES by the veterinarian specialist Dr. Heijn.

We are very happy with this result!!!


16 January 2012

Our second litter celebrates their seventh birthday today!

Dear Diyaro, Chibharo, D'Yjego, Dhakiya, Tika, Bongani Jr.,

Kathan, Kumbah, Kinga & Shango,



7 & 8 January 2012

Kinaya and Moreno did very well at the International Dogshow in Hoogstraten (B)!!!

Ch. Knowing my Job Dinky-Di-Dutch NJK, "Moreno"

1 Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB and this result made him International Show Champion!!!

Kinaya gained 2 Excellent in the Intermediate Class!

We are very proud of both of them!!!


5 January 2012

Kinaya's tail is healing nice!

Unfortunately she lost a bigger piece of her tail as I expected... :-(


2 January 2012

On one of the last days of the year 2011, Kinaya had an accident in which she lost the last piece of her tail... :-(

We rushed her to the vet and she had to remove another piece of her tail before she could close the wound.

Luckely she is recovering very well and the wound is healing nice.

If the healing continues like this her tail will look the same as before, only a little bit shorter... ;-)


1 January 2012