23 December 2013


20 October 2013

Today our fifth litter celebrates their fifth birthday!

Dear Lubaya, Pukeena, Pumba, Maliki, Jukati, Juno, Dayo, Rasmus & Tjabo


In loving memory *Faraji*


17 October 2013

Today our first litter celebrates their tenth birthday!

Dear Noah, Yuma & Siyanda


In loving memory *Kabisha*, *Binti*, *Drago* & *Shamba*


5 October 2013

Multi Champion Thokoza Bohati Shangara NVK, "Shanga"

* 23-02-2001 05-10-2013

On the 5th of October my worst nightmare came true...

After a wonderful walk in the woods in the afternoon we were enjoying our evening together with the doggies when Shanga suddenly became ill.

The vet came to our place. Shanga had a severe stroke which resulted in a epileptic attack and she was in shock very soon.

There was no other solution than to let her go.

She was still enjoying life to the max and we were still enjoying her so much.

I know I was already blessed with all the extra time I got with her but her passing away came so sudden and so unexpected.

Sweet, sweet Shanga... Thank you for everything you gave to me. I love you endlessly!!!

Miss you sweet Muizepluis!


6 August 2013

Today, our 4rd litter celebrates their sixth birthday!

Dear Giya, Isa, Luna, Nuba, Tadgh, Biko, Murphy, Kibo & Duke



In loving memory of Kenai*


9 July 2013

Binkie!!! Our naughty but very sweet and funny Beagle!

Happy fifth birthday crazy boy!!!


16 June 2013

We congratulate Moreno's offspring:

Jack, Turbo, Mika, Clooney, Zora, Finja & Fire

with their fourth Birthday!!!


9 June 2013

We congratulate Moreno's offspring:

Dior, Volt, Boomerang, Solo, Dingo, Free, Yuma & Griotte

with their first Birthday!!!


9 April 2013

Click HERE to see Puppy Pictures!!!


4 April 2013

Our puppies are born!

Kinaya gave birth to 11 healthy puppies! 6 females and 5 males! :-)

Kinaya and her puppies are doing great!!!

Click at the camera to view the webcam!

Click on the button below for more information:

Our Litterplans

All our puppies already found new owners!


17 March 2013

Sweet Ravira, today we celebrate your seventh birthday!

Never ever before I had such a sweet, tender and loving dog. You are really one of a kind! Love you very much!!! 

Happy Birthday sweet lady!!! XXX 


Today, our 3rd litter celebrates their seventh birthday!

Dear Devi, Kijani, Nash, Kobus, Thako, Shira, Jengo, Scott

& ofcourse our dear and precious RAVIRA



1 March 2013

Wonderful and happy news;

Kinaya is pregnant!!!

We expect the puppies the first week of april!


27 February 2013

Sweet Kinaya... our lovely lady celebrates her third birthday today!!!

Happy Birthday beautiful lady!!! XXX 


Our sixth litter celebrates their third birthday!!!

Dear Lotus, Amon, our own princess KINAYA, Kiboki, Themba, Kimani, Nikiya, Xavi, Becca, Moos, Noor and Cheka



23 February 2013

It is really unbelievable but today we celebrated Shanga's 12th birthday!!!

We had a wonderful party with family and friends.



3 & 4 February 2013

Davidoff & Kinaya had 2 succesfull matings!

Now we keep our fingers crossed for a beautiful but above all healthy litter!

We expect the puppies the first week of april!

For more information about this combination click on the button below:



23 January 2013

We proudly announce the birth of the puppies of our offspring Shayela Kinuka Ngwani Ravira X Ch. Malozi Jamboni!

At 23 January 12 puppies were born! (6 males, 2 livernose, 1 stillborn & 6 females, 2 livernose)

We are very proud and we are very happy for Kiya's owners Marcel & Iva! Congratulations!

More information on:



16 January 2013

Our second litter celebrates their eight birthday today!

Dear Diyaro, Chibharo, D'Yjego, Dhakiya, Tika, Bongani Jr.,

Kathan, Kumbah, Kinga & Shango,



10 January 2013

In Memoriam

♥ Shayela Nevanji, "Drago" ♥

* 17-10-2003 10-01-2013

Safe trip to the Rainbow Bridge sweetheart... Shanga's first born son... the first born male in Shayela kennel... :-(


7 January 2013

Kinaya is in season!

We expect the mating with Davidoff in about two weeks!


1 January 2013