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28 April 2015

Our "little" boy Khairi is doing very well.

With all the milk and food for himself he is growing good and he even had to go on a diet... poor thing... ;-)

He is playing with his mother a lot and we are enjoying EVERY minute with him!


31 March 2015

Meet our new little boy: Shayela Khairi Ngwani Kinaya, "Khairi"

The last born Shayela. We are very happy with this beautiful boy.

Mommy Kinaya and Khairi are doing very well!


22 March 2015

Unfortunately Mother Nature had other plans for us and our last litter.

Kinaya is pregnant but only carries one puppy. After dealing with the big dissapointment all our care now goes out to Kinaya and her puppy.

If all goes well the puppy will be born about the 3rd of April.

Because it will be the last born Shayela, the puppy will stay with us and with his mother and grandmother.


Today, our 3rd litter celebrates their ninth birthday!

Dear Devi, Kijani, Nash, Kobus, Thako, Jengo, Scott

& ofcourse our dear and precious RAVIRA


In loving memory *Shira*


Our sixth litter celebrates their fifth birthday!!!

Dear Lotus, Amon, our own princess KINAYA, Kiboki, Themba, Kimani, Nikiya, Xavi, Becca, Moos, Noor and Cheka



8 February 2015

We closed our puppywaitinglist for now. We have a lot of families waiting for a puppy.

First let us see if Kinaya is pregnant and how many puppies will be born.

If there will be more puppies available we will put a notice on our website.


30 January 2015

Kinaya and Mpenzi mated! After the mating there was no coupling, so just to be sure, Kinaya is also inseminated with Mpenzi's semen.

If all goes well we expect puppies at the first week of April!


16 January 2015

Our second litter celebrates their tenth birthday today!

Dear Diyaro, Chibharo, D'Yjego, Dhakiya, Tika, & Kinga,


In loving memory *Bonganji jr.*, *Kathan*, *Kumbah* & *Shango*