Multi Champion Thokoza Bohati Shangara NVK


F: Sarula Induna

M: Ch. Kimani's Image for Thokoza

NHSB: 2335619

* 23-02-2001



Bite: Correct and complete scissorbite

Dutch, Belgian, Luxemburg, International Champion

Dutch Veteran Champion

Brabo Youth Winner 2002, Brabo Winner 2004, BOS clubshow BBRC 2004

In Memoriam

Multi Champion Thokoza Bohati Shangara NVK, "Shanga"

* 23-02-2001 05-10-2013

My sweet Princess!

Thank you for your support and the good times,
Thank you for your love and the days you filled with pleasure,
Thank you for the beautiful memories,
Thank you for your loyalty and the feelings that I will always treasure,
Thank you for everything you gave to me and for your friendship,
You are in my heart forever... Dear Shanga, now on your way to your beloved friend Renzo at the Rainbow Bridge... have a save trip!


We are broken of grief over the loss of Shanga, the foundation bitch of our kennel and our very special girl!
You were loved by some many people, everyone, people and dogs, had respect for you, you were a born leader and such a devoted mother, a great example for your children and grandchildren.
We did everything we could to save you and you fought so hard with us but at the end we lost the battle...

Sweet Shanga... our lifes will never be the same... the hole in my life will be so big without you in it... :-(

Love you with all our hearts...
Miss you so much already Shangie-muis, sweet Muizepluis...

Natascha & Patrick
Ravira & Kinaya

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